The CPS story goes back 50 years

About UsCPS Industries traces its industrious spirit and fine craftsmanship back to Germany, where its founders Hermann Schaubhut and Peter Wiedemann met while working at Siemens. They became fast friends, and later, when Peter learned about all the work opportunities available in Canada, it wasn’t difficult for him to convince Hermann to join him on what would become the greatest adventure of their lives.

With hard work and perseverance, Hermann and Peter founded their company and started to see the first glimmers of success with the production of combs, and then injection molds. They took great pride in their work, which was twofold: heads down to ensure the highest quality of their products, and heads up to not miss a single opportunity.

Word got around that CPS Industries was a company that could be trusted, and a few years later, Peter and Hermann branched out into the aerospace industry—specifically, landing gear. But they wouldn’t stop there. In the early 1980s, they acquired defense contracts, and ordnance would become an important part of CPS’ business. In the early 1990s, they saw an influx of work from the commercial industry, specifically railway. To this day, CPS Industries has defined itself by the high precision, quality components it manufactures for the aerospace, defense and commercial industries.

About UsNearly a decade ago, a succession plan was drawn out, and Peter’s son, Robert, and Hermann’s son-in-law, Steve Ellemo, took on the family business. Over 50 years and two generations later, the name CPS Industries still stands for outstanding workmanship and quality you can trust.


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